Dünya Spor Yazarları Derneği’nin (AIPS) yarışmasında finale kalan eserler açıklandı. Köşe yazısı dalında Türkiye’den Atilla Türker finale kaldı.

Ajansspor yazarı ve Radyospor programcısı Atilla Türker, yarışmada “Fikret Orman ve gizli kapaklı işler” başlıklı yazısıyla en iyi köşe yazısı dalında son 30 arasına girmeyi başaran tek Türk oldu.

Uluslararası Spor Basını Birliğinin (AIPS) düzenlediği yarışmaya 125 farklı ülkeden 1.746 katılımcı başvurdu. Son 3’e kalan köşe yazıları 15 Ocak 2020‘de açıklanacak. Yarışmanın finalisti ise, 3 Şubat 2020‘de Macaristan’ın başkenti Budapeşte’de düzenlenecek olan 83. AIPS Kongresi’nde duyurulacak.

Ödüller, her kategoride birinciye 8 bin dolar, ikinciye 3 bin dolar ve üçüncüye 2 bin dolar olarak belirlendi.


Zahra Aliee (Iran), A story of the women’s historical day in the forbidden place “Azadi” – 90tv.ir
Emanuela Audisio (Italy), Niki Lauda’s last ride – La Repubblica
Hernán Bahos Ruiz (Colombia), Paola Gil, the dream and the fight between two flags – Agencia EFE
Joseph Battaglia (USA), Withering Heights – FloSports
Motez Bishara (Kuwait), From humble beginnings, Gay Bowl attracts NFL sponsors and touches lives – CNN
Diego Borinsky (Argentina), The street cleaner who found the tactical notes of the final – Cadena 3
Jean-Michel Brochen (France), Fashanu, the icon and the demons – L’Equipe Le Magazine
Oliver Brown (United Kingdom), Joshua: the heavyweight king of noble African blood – The Daily Telegraph
Pablo Calvo (Argentina), Carlovich, hand in hand with the invisible Maradona – Revista Viva
Shail Desai (India), How overcrowding near Everest summit is exposing climbers to grave risks -Hindustan Times
Bhavya Dore (India), A Man on his Horse – Fountain Ink
Adrian Engel (Austria), In the cellar – DATUM – Seiten der Zeit
Matthias Fiedler (Germany), A gateway to life – Der Spiegel
Christof Gertsch (Switzerland), One of them – Das Magazin
Marina Guerra (Portugal), Valentyna Bilous: From the beautiful princess smile to the force of a ring blow – Região de Leiria
Sergio Heredia (Spain), Running with Kipchoge – La Vanguardia
Nick Hoult (United Kingdom), Courage, unity, respect. The inside story of how England became the world’s best cricket team – Telegraph
Patrick Jennings (United Kingdom), The remarkable Mr Vokrri: Kosovo’s football rise – BBC Sport
Masaki Kono (Japan), NICK Japan where I found my place – Asahi Shimbun
Xiangfei Ma (China), Death is not the end of life – the story of a “one-man” team – Xinhua News Agency
James Masters (United Kingdom), My father buried his parents and sister with his bare hands… he had to dig the grave himself’ – CNN International
Tolu Olasoji (Nigeria), African footballers stranded around the world with crushed dreams – Al Jazeera Media Network
José Ignacio Pérez Hernández (Spain), Either you know how to box or you go to the gas chamber – MARCA
Brian Pinelli (USA), For Northern Ireland, this British Open Is more than a golf tournament – The New York Times
Igor Rabiner (Russia), “We wanted to be people, not slaves”. 30 years of the main scandal of Soviet ice hockey – Sport-Express
George Ramsay (United Kingdom), Everest deaths: ‘Corners are being massively cut’ – CNN
Tom Rostance (United Kingdom), Michael Dunlop: The man who lost a brother, father uncle to biking, but races on – BBC
Pirmin Styrnol (Germany), “Sim’ya” means Family – How a drama ends happily – SWR
Ron Walker (United Kingdom), How Lucas’ Champions League dream became reality – Sky Sports
Jeremy Wilson (United Kingdom), France rocked by the tragic cost of rugby’s safety crisis, Telegraph
Suzanne Wrack (United Kingdom), ‘There was blood everywhere’: the abuse case against the Afghan FA president – The Guardian


Esteban Abarzua (Chile), Cup re-conquerers of America – Las Ultimas Noticias
Muftawu Nabila Abdulai (Ghana), Osei Palmer, the GFA Presidential aspirant who kicked against conflict of interest four years ago – mufnabila.wordpress.com
Gowon Akpodonor (Nigeria), Hooliganism in Nigerian football: Whose benefit, who is to blame? – The Guardian
Razan Baker (Saudi Arabia), How sport can bring communities together and attract investment – Arab News Newspaper
Nazim Bessol (Algeria), CAF files: Ahmad at the centre of several scandals – Botola
Andres Burgo (Argentina), The Barras Bravas, masters of Argentine soccer – El Paìs
Oliver Brown (United Kingdom), Blameless champion finds herself on trial again – The Daily Telegraph
Johnattan Farouk Caballero Hernández(Colombia), To face terrorism, goal hug – El Espectador
Francisco Cabezas (Spain), The chrome of Trifon Ivanov – El Mundo
Matthew Campelli (United Kingdom), Sport must take the concerns and values of young people seriously to remain relevant – The Sustainability Report
Aristo Dotse (Ghana), Opinion on Ghanaian football: How politics snatched defeat from the jaws of victory – www.aipsmedia.com
Saeedeh Fathabadi (Iran), Three bearded girls, ilna.ir
Paul Fein (USA), How should female athletes be portrayed? – Sportstar
Nancy Gillen (United Kingdom), Women’s football is not ready for an expanded World Cup – FIFA need to play the waiting game -www.insidethegames.biz
Tracey Holmes (Australia), Hypocrisy and bad blood: Mack Horton v Sun Yang and ‘THAT’ protest – ABC
Slavko Jeric (Slovenia), What we can learn from Lindsey Vonn’s story and which part we’re not ready to accept? – RTV Slovenija
Marco Knippen (The Netherlands), Dare to look in the mirror, Sifan – Holland Media Combinatie
Josiane Kouagheu (Cameroon), Corruption in Cameroon, “A gangrene that kills football slowly” – Le Monde Afrique
Artem Kuznetsov (Russia), Russia and doping. Specificity of national zero tolerance – TASS News Agency
Petz Lahure (Luxembourg), The Boxer from Auschwitz – Tageblatt
Petz Lahure (Luxembourg), One man in command – Tageblatt
Sergey Lisin (Russia), Crimea is ours, but run for ukraine is better. And using doping too – matchtv.ru
Mustafa Mamun (Bangladesh), Bangladesh ‘Mashrafee abong debotto’ – Daily Kaler Kantho
Carlos Matallanas (Spain), Letter to Rafael Nadal – AS
Marcela Mora Y Araujo (Argentina), The Extraordinary Incident of Emiliano Sala’s final flight – cricketsoccer.com
Liam Morgan (United Kingdom), Exemplary governance standards a pipe dream for some International Federations amid recent scandals – insidethegames.biz
Shokoofehsadat Mousavi (Iran), Ladies are not allowed! –  Iran varzeshi Newspaper
Loanny Picado (The Netherlands), Sorry National Team, but No – La Lupa
Prajwal Oli (Nepal), Barely plays 50 different sports, but hosts nearly 200 sports associations – The Kathmandu Post Nepal
Lucian Oprea (Romania), Requiem for two monuments – Davis Cup and Fed Cup, stricken by dangerous reforms – oprealuciansport.com
Basheer Senan (Yemen), Athletes in Yemen…Between devastating war and extremism ideologies – Alriadi.net
Adrià Soldevila (Spain), And in defeat, Cruyff – La República
Sebastian Ignacio Torok (Argentina), The notebooks of tennis: Marco Trungelliti, the Argentine who challenged the mafia that fixes matches – Diario La Nacion de Argentina
Atilla Turker (Turkey), Atilla Türker wrote: Fikret Orman and obscure works – Ajans Spor
Suzanne Wrack (United Kingdom), As women’s football skyrockets, Spurs miss a trick at stadium test event – The Guardian

Önceki İçerikTurgay Noyan’dan fotoğraf sergisi… Usta gazeteci serginin tüm gelirini TEGV’e bıraktı
Sonraki İçerikSports TV’den milliyet.com.tr’ye transfer… Gülgün Bostancı Yavuz, ‘yuvam’ dediği Milliyet’e geri döndü


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